Wine Appreciation for Everyone. Visit to find out more about how Redsip is changing the social landscape of wine lovers.

Redsip are proud sponsors of the HKRL national team, Redsip 2018 HKRL Nines and HKTag Challenge 2018.


Physiotherapy, accessible for all. Sports injuries, office related postural pain, post-operative rehabilitation. We offer tailored training programs suited to your needs. We strive to get to the core of your dysfunction and get you back to being you. 

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Aimviva Travel Club was born from a combination of experience; A demand for real travel benefits integrated into a single product. By removing the focus from insurance and focusing instead on a group of holistic benefits Aimviva go well beyond the initial Travel focused product and offer a package that covers a wide range of benefits for your peace of mind

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Wanchai Stadium

The sportsbar with taste!

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Gweilo Beer

Redefining beer in Hong Kong. Gweilo was founded with a dream: to create fun, fresh and unique beers, brewed in Hong Kong to be enjoyed by everyone in this fine city.

Copper 88

The innovative new compression clothing range with 88% embedded copper fibre, harnessing the all-natural properties of copper to aid in the relief of pain from muscle stiffness and soreness by transporting oxygen through the bloodstream. 

You can read about how Copper 88 can help injury prevention as well as injury cure here.

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Little Creatures

Little Creatures is a flavour loving brewery dedicated to crafting distinctive, well balanced beers. Join this passionate bunch down in K-Town and let them know you are a member of Hong Kong Rugby League to receive your discount!

Feather and Bone

Feather & Bone is customized boutique store for meat, cheeses, fruits and vegetables. Here you will get grass-fed meat.Its a steak house in hong kong with sea food and you get meat sourced directly from Australian farmers and France.

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Tsunami Sportswear

Tsunami Sportswear started life in 2004 with a simple premise; to make truly distinctive kit that works hard and looks outstanding – kit we’d want to wear ourselves!

From these rather modest beginnings we’ve now grown our product range from our original Rugby Collection to include High Performance Match Kits for a wide range of team sports as well as a full line of Training Kits, Baselayers and Touring Wear for teams to travel in.

Today we’re supplying kits to over 2,500 clubs and schools in more than 40 countries, but even as we grow, we still like to get to know each of our teams personally. We see team kits as more than just uniforms. A great team kit should capture the spirit, the history and the culture of the clubs and schools who wear it. We want our kits to inspire individual players every time they pull on their jerseys. For this reason we create truly custom-made kits, that are designed down to the last detail.

With the emergence of Sublimatic Printing, we can now offer kits with unlimited colour and design options. Using our One-Shot process we can easily apply logos, individual player names and numbers and any other kind of design or detailing, without adding additional cost to the garments.

We can work from your existing kit designs or you can request our design team to create exotic, one-of-a-kind Custom Shop designs, and all kits can be made in minimums of just 10 pieces.

From our original inspiration to ‘make distinctive kit that we’d want to wear ourselves’, we’ve evolved to make kits that teams from all around the world are proud to wear. In fact, it’s safe to say that not a weekend goes by without a team somewhere in the world winning in one of our kits.

We hope you’ll be inspired too.