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HKTag’s 4th Summer Super League Dates Announced

We’re delighted to announce the dates of this year’s HKTag Super League sponsored by #Amazing and #Brighten. All games will be 7-a-side mixed format, each team needing no less than 3 females on the pitch at all times. If you’re interested please email info@hktag.org

Where: King’s Park

Dates – Saturday nights 7.30pm to 9pm

6 July Training / rules familiarity for new teams

13 July, Super League

20 July, Super League

27 July (Battle of Origin, $50 per player, men’s, women’s and mixed games)

10 August, Super League

24 August, Super League

31 August, Super League

Previous winners

2018 Hashtags
2017 Buffaloos
2016 Taguila Bombs


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