About HKRL and HKTag Membership

HKRL and HKTag are the official governing bodies for Rugby League and tag rugby in Hong Kong respectively. Not only do we aim to bring the best of both sports to Hong Kong – from regular social sessions, to formal competitions, to playing tours – we also provide our members with a wide range of discounts and benefits from to enjoy from.

Join our HKTag and HKRL community today to enjoy a range of discounts and benefits as outlined below.

Please note that all players competing in one of our competitions or fixtures must be a registered member to participate (this does not apply to our Social Tag sessions).

Membership tiers

Membership is split into two tiers – Basic ($150HKD) and Advanced ($500HKD):

Tier Free Tag Shorts or HK Tag Rugby Ball
Free Social Tag Sessions Two Free Social Tag Sessions
Players fee waiver (HKRL and HKTag tournaments) Partner Discounts
VIP ($500) N/A  ✔
Basic ($150)  ✔

Becoming a Member

Online sign-up and payment coming soon!

Our online sign-up and payment is coming soon, but in the meantime you can purchase membership at one of our Social Tag sessions or email us at or for alternative arrangements.

For any further enquiries regarding membership, or if you are interested in becoming a participating establishment, please email us at