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Residents XIII name squad for Philippines Tour

The Hong Kong Rugby League has today announced 16 of its 17 man Residents XIII squad for the upcoming tour of the Philippines.

The tour, which will see the Hong Kong Residents XIII take on the Manila Storm at Southern Plains Field in Alabang, will be the first time that the region of Hong Kong has been represented in a Rugby League match.

The Residents XIII game will take place on Saturday, November 7.

The inaugural Hong Kong Residents XIII squad is as follows (in alphabetical order):
Michael Beckett, Tom Beresford, Kurt O’Brien, Jason Fairleigh, Doug Fluker, James Hall, Dave Hunter, Craig McElhinny, Ian Molyneux, Andrew Muller, Jack Muir, Brad Newman, Thomas Partridge, Thomas Powell, James Stevenson, Yosuke Yamagishi, Andrew Zucco.

Interested in joining the tour? Join the 20-man squad. Find out more by emailing getinvolved@hongkongrugbyleague.com