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Harrow to take up League

Hong Kong Rugby League’s continued push into the local school system has received another boost with the world renowned Harrow International School becoming the latest to start offering Rugby League training within school grounds.

The Harrow International School, which is associated with the famous Harrow School in London, is Hong Kong’s first international boarding and day school in the region.

As part of Harrow’s new Rugby League program, Hong Kong Thunder coach, Jason Fairleigh, will conduct a series of training sessions making the students familiar with the rules and techniques required to play Rugby League.

Based upon the success of the program, it is hoped by that Harrow school will be in a position to play against the Australian International School or King George V Schools in an inter-school competition.

The Australia International School and King George V School both played the what could have been the inaugural game of Rugby League played in the region back in 2014.