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Discovery Bay wins inaugural Mixed Tag Challenge

Discovery Bay lays home to the inaugural Hong Kong Mixed Tag Rugby League Challenge champions, with Team Bacchus taking out the tournament.

Overcoming a strong CWB Loxi team in the final, Team Bacchus claimed the silverware thanks to two tries from Tissia Polycarpe and an additional from Guido Philips to claim a 5 – 2 win.

In what was the first official Mixed Tag Rugby League competition in Hong Kong, interest was far greater than the HKRL originally anticipated, with the number of teams needing to be capped at seven, despite interest from a number of other districts.

The seven teams that did compete put on a show for the spectators that made their way down to King’s Park, Kowloon.

Teams for the tournament included representatives from a range of area within Hong Kong including tertiary institutions such as the Hong Kong Institution of Education (HKIED), who fielded two sides.

Team Bacchus and Loxi were the only two teams to go through the group stages undefeated and rightfully meet in the overall final.

Mixed Tag Rugby League is a low contact version of Rugby League that features seven players (four male and three female), on the field at any one time.

Wearing Velcro tags around their waist, the removal of the ‘tag’ counts as a tackle. Games go for 15 minutes, and just like in full contact Rugby League, players have six ‘tackles’ to score or attempt to move the ball as far down the field as possible per set.

Unlike touch football however, Tag Rugby League allows for kicking. Tries are worth one point for males and two points for females.

Male player of the tournament was Discovery Bay resident Mathew Zoller, whilst female player of the tournament was Tissia Polycarpe.

If you are interested in finding out more about Mixed Tag Rugby League or enquire about future tournaments, please email getinvolved@hongkongrugbyleague.com

Group Stages:

BGC Bears 3 – 2 HKIE 1
Zion 1 4 – 4 HKIE 2
Zion 2 0 – 11 Team Bacchus
Team Bacchus 7 – 2 BGC Bears
Loxi 5 – 2 HKIE 2
Team Bacchus 5 – 2 HKIE 1
Loxi 4 – 1 Zion 1
HKIE 1 4 – 0 Zion 2
Zion 1 5 – 2 HKIE 2
Zion 2 2 – 8 BGC Bears

Semi Finals:
Team Bacchus 5 – 2 Zion 1
Loxi 10 -0 BGC Bears

Team Bacchus 5 – 2 Loxi

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