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HKRL announces Redsip HKRL Mens and Womens Nines Schedule

This Sunday 27 May, Hong Kong Rugby League (HKRL) play host to the fourth annual HKRL Nines tournament starting at 4pm (order of play below) at King’s Park Sports Ground, Kowloon, following shortly after the HKTag Challenge (9am – 3pm).

Following the huge success of the last four years, nine teams have entered the 2018 tournament and – for the very first time – HKRL are delighted to host a North vs South Womens Nines competition (6pm, Pitch 1).

The nine confirmed men’s teams include returning fan favourites, the Diamond Chiefs, from Papua New Guinea, a Tonga Rugby League development team visiting Hong Kong shores for the first time, alongside seven local teams. Domestic teams Oreana Storm, Charlie Bears, Pacific Toa and Wave Wearers will compete for the very first time.

Order of Play

Start  End Pitch 1 Pitch 2
4:30 PM 4:42 PM Diamond Chiefs Wave Wearers Broncos Oreana Storm
4:45 PM 4:57 PM Charlie Bears Tonga
5:00 PM 5:12 PM Oreana Storm Pacific Toa Diamond Chiefs Wan Chai Warriors
5:15 PM 5:27 PM Tonga Coastal Cobras
5:30 PM 5:42 PM Broncos Pacific Toa
5:45 PM 5:57 PM Charlie Bears Coastal Cobras Wave Wearers Wan Chai Warriors
6:00 PM 6:20 PM Women’s North Women’s South
6:10 PM 6:22 PM Broncos Charlie Bears
6:25 PM 6:37 PM Oreana Storm Tonga Pacific Toa Coastal Cobras
6:40 PM 6:52 PM Diamond Chiefs Broncos
6:55 PM 7:07 PM Wan Chai Warriors Coastal Cobras Wave Wearers Tonga
7:10 PM 7:22 PM Charlie Bears Diamond Chiefs
7:25 PM 7:37 PM Wave Wearers Oreana Storm Pacific Toa Wan Chai Warriors
8:00 PM 8:12 PM Quarter Finalist 1 Quarter Finalist 8 Quarter Finalist 2 Quarter Finalist 7
8:15 PM 8:27 PM Quarter Finalist 3 Quarter Finalist 6 Quarter Finalist 4 Quarter Finalist 5
8:50 PM 9:11 PM Winner QF 1v8 Winner QF 4v5 Winner QF 2v7 Winner QF 3v6
9:35 PM 9:56 PM FINAL


Presentations take place at 10pm including awards for the Most Valuable Player, Runners Up and, of course, Cup Finalists. Don’t miss the after party taking place at sponsor venue Wan Chai Stadium!


Watch the draw on Facebook!

Pool 1 Pool 2 Pool 3
Broncos Diamond Chiefs Charlie Bears
Oreana Storm Wave Wearers Tonga
Pacific Toa Wan Chai Warriors Coastal Cobras

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